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Harry Williams provides bankruptcy services for Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol and all of Northeast Tennessee

"Bankruptcy laws help people who can no longer pay their creditors get a fresh start – by liquidating assets to pay their debts or by creating a repayment plan. Bankruptcy laws also protect troubled businesses and provide for orderly distributions to business creditors through reorganization or liquidation."

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Five Top Reasons People File Bankruptcy.



According to Yahoo!Finance, the top five reasons why people file banktupyvy are:

  1. medical expenses

  2. job loss

  3. poor/excessive use of credit

  4. divorce/separation

  5. unexpected expenses

We can help you file a no-asset Chapter 7 bankruptcy for as little as
$495 plus filing and other fees. Call us today at 423.773.3382 or email The first consulation is always

Six Types of Bankrutcy

Chapter 7, entitled Liquidation, contemplates an orderly, court-supervised procedure by which a trustee takes over the assets of the debtor's estate, reduces them to cash, and makes distributions to creditors, subject to the debtor's right to retain certain exempt property and the rights of secured creditors.

In Tennessee, you may be able to file chapter 7 no-asset bankruptcy and keep your house, car, certain personal items and up to $10,000 in cash. For more information call 423.773.3382 or email: Costs as low as $495 plus court fees.

Chapter 9, entitled Adjustment of Debts of a Municipality, provides essentially for reorganization, much like a reorganization under chapter 11. Only a "municipality" may file under chapter 9, which includes cities and towns, as well as villages, counties, taxing districts, municipal utilities, and school districts.

Chapter 11, entitled Reorganization, ordinarily is used by commercial enterprises that desire to continue operating a business and repay creditors concurrently through a court-approved plan of reorganization.

Chapter 12, entitled Adjustment of Debts of a Family Farmer or Fisherman with Regular Annual Income, provides debt relief to family farmers and fishermen with regular income.

Chapter 13, entitled Adjustment of Debts of an Individual With Regular Income, is designed for an individual debtor who has a regular source of income. Chapter 13 is often preferable to chapter 7 because it enables the debtor to keep a valuable asset, such as a house, and because it allows the debtor to propose a "plan" to repay creditors over time – usually three to five years.

 Chapter 15, entitled Ancillary and Other Cross-Border Cases, is to provide an effective mechanism for dealing with cases of cross-border insolvency.

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