Harry Williams
Attorney and Counsellor at Law

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220 East King Street, Suite 110
Johnson City, TN 37601-0110
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The overarching mission of our law practice is to apply Christian principles to the practice of law. We strive to save our clients money and to make our law practice a place of innovation and experimentation for the development of effective Christian approaches to the delivery of legal services and the education of local attorneys.

Service and Social Mission

 • To apply Christian principles to the practice of law

 • To assist our clients to create engines of economic opportunity

 • To provide high quality legal services in areas most needed by our client communities

 • To be a positive and stable influence in our community

 • To offer community residents the opportunity to learn about some of the legal systems that impact their lives in order to more effectively use these systems to their advantage

• To educate and inform our clients, the community, agencies and local institutions about our clients' lives and legal rights

Academic Mission

• To provide comprehensive training and supervision to our attorneys and other community attorneys in substantive law, practice skills and legal judgment

 • To educate ourselves and others about the impact of law and social policy on the lives of our clients and members of our community

 • To encourage community attorneys to become reflective practitioners by structuring an environment where attorneys continuously reflect on their experiences and use such reflection to inform their methods of advocacy

Philosophy and Culture

The philosophy and culture of our law office are reflected in the Christian principles of love of neighbor and service to others. We believe these to be the foundations of Christianity and seek to incorporate them into our everyday personal and professinal lives. Our philosophy is incorporated in the life of Atticus Finch played by Gregory Peck in "To Kill a Mocking Bird." (see photo above).

The Four Life Lessons of Atticus Finch

• The most important form of courage is moral courage.

• Live with quiet dignity.

• Cultivating empathy is paramount.

• Teach your children by example.

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