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You can tell from the picture that I am a "different kind of lawyer." After all, who takes a picture of himself catching such a small fish and then proudly posts the picture on his website. Well, the answer is Harry Curtis Williams of Johnson City, Tennessee. The reason? The fish that I caught is a fingerling perch. They aren't very big but they are beautiful and very hard to catch. In fact, we catch less perch than any other species of fish during our annual fishing trips to the Sunset Country of Western Ontario Canada.

fishAt our law practice, we specialize in helping folks with their legal problems whether they are small or large and we charge you based on your financial situation, your circumstances and the legal problem you are facing. We also help a lot of churches, charitable organizations and non-profits who can't afford to pay a lot for legal services.


We are a Christian organization and practice law based on Christian principles. Give us a call and let us help you.

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